Reviews of Famous Person Biographies
When a submission is received nominating the biography of a person for consideration as a Famous Person by the Arkansas Gravestones Project (AGP), the County Coordinator (CC) reviews the record as he or she does for other records received for their county. However, the CC should leave the submission as a “hold” record and recommend its approval or disapproval in an email to the Coordinator for Memorial Records and/or State Coordinator. The designation, (New), will be inserted at the end of the given name(s) to serve as a “flag” that identifies the record as one requiring review.

There are fundamentally three options (decisions) related to acceptance or rejection of a Famous Person biography

  1. Decide that the record should not be classed as a Famous Person biography

    An e-mail is sent to the submitter saying that the record has been added to our database, but it does not meet the standards for Famous Person biographies.

  2. Decide that the person named in the record should be classed among AGP’s Famous Person biographies; but, the submitter needs to make the biography conform to the AGP “Standards of Style and Content.”

    An e-mail is sent to the submitter asking him or her to rewrite and resubmit the biography for further consideration.

  3. Decide that the person named in the record will be included among AGP’s Famous Person biographies. The “(New)” designation is removed and the State Coordinator is notified regarding the need to add the person’s name to the list of Famous Persons.
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