Memorials Project
We at the Arkansas Gravestones Project wish to give special recognition to those persons interred in Arkansas who are considered to be FAMOUS persons – famous within and beyond the boundaries of the State. You are invited to submit the names, brief biographies, and photographs of the gravestones for any persons whom you believe to be worthy of this recognition. You may find the following examples to be helpful:

  • Governor of Arkansas
  • U. S. Senator or U. S. Congressman
  • Federal Judge
  • State Supreme Court Chief Justice
  • Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients (and Other Famous Veterans)
  • Noted Authors, Essayists and Poets
  • Artists in Residence; Other Acclaimed Artists
  • Widely Acclaimed Entertainers
  • Recognized Educators (e.g., University President)
  • Highly Acclaimed Scientists and Medical Doctors
  • Pioneer Patriarchs and Matriarchs
  • Noted Activists (e.g., Civil Rights; Women’s Rights; Human Rights, Environmental, etc.)

Please check Standards of Style and Content when composing biographical comments for a famous person, Reviews of Famous Persons Biographies for the review process, and Memorials for Famous Persons of Arkansas.

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