Cemetery Preservation Project

The Cemetery Preservation Project is a helping hand to those who would like to recover a neglected or forgotten cemetery. Perhaps it only needs cleaning of the area or it may need funds to continue the upkeep of the cemetery.

This is the way our current Cemetery Preservation Project works: If an individual or group wants to help in the recovery, or continuous upkeep of a cemetery, AGP will help in the following way:

First someone will need to take the responsibility for the project. It may be an organization or just a group of like minded people. A contact person will need to give the Arkansasgravestones.org Coordinator their name and e-mail address.

Then there must be an address where the funds might be sent. An account at a local bank in the area, would be the recommended way to handle the funds. The name of the account and the address of the bank would be needed.

We would need a few photos of the cemetery uploaded. It may be an overview or cemetery gate or sign. It would be helpful if the photo shows the name and the condition of the cemetery. A short history of the cemetery is also welcome.

When these guidelines are met, you may send the information to ArkansasGravestones.org (subject: Cemetery Preservation). That information will be added to the Cemetery photo in the comments section.

A short request for funds will be added to the comments.

Broome Cemetery in Lawrence County was our very first attempt with the Cemetery Preservation Project. We have 4 or 5 cemeteries in the project now. It has not gotten a lot of response because so few know about this project. Plus, the strict guidelines to show the use of the money that might be donated. We feel it is a worthy project. Those who have people buried in these sad neglected cemeteries then will have a way to donate to keep up the cemetery.

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