Transcription Project

We have many kind and generous photographers who willingly and generously donate their photos to the Arkansas Gravestone Project. These photographers for various reasons are either unable or chose not to go through the uploading process. These photographs are given to us on CDs, flash drives, scanned copies of headstones, and/or transcribing their photos from other websites with their written permission.

We also have wonderful volunteers that are unable to be “photographers” but they want to contribute to the Arkansas Gravestones Project. These volunteers have offered to “transcribe” donated photographs and upload them to the AGP website. We make sure the “photographer” is given proper credit as the contributor of the photograph. Many of our County Coordinators also give of their time to help with the Transcription Project.

If you have headstone photographs to donate to this project, and/or you are willing to help with transcriptions, please Contact Us.

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