Memorials for Public Servants Killed in the Line of Duty
We regularly find gravestones of persons from several professions who lost their lives during the performance of their duties. The special memorial category, Public Servant, is available to honor the service and sacrifice of such persons as:
  • City Police Officers
  • State Police Officers (Highway Patrol)
  • County Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs
  • Game Wardens
  • Firemen and other fire or flood protection persons
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Federal Agents (FBI, ATF, etc.)
  • Judges and other members of the legal profession
To honor such a person, you need only to enter the parenthetic words, (Public Servant), after the surname, enter the parenthetic word, (new), after the given name(s), and include information about the person’s service in the comments section along with the circumstances leading to his/her death, if known.

Designation of the record as “(New)” helps the Coordinator for Memorial Records and Special Projects to find such records that require his brief review.

If you wish to see examples of these memorials log onto the AGP home page and follow the same procedure as outlined for Famous Person and Veteran memorials.

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